Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Hens and Chicks (and the Mystery Writer)

This week I'm guest blogging on Writers and other Animals,  writer Sheila Boneham's great blog.

Ceridwen and baby
The blog is about hens...mine and Sabbie Dare's...

It’s often said that characters in books resemble their authors. But in my case, I seem to be following in my heroine’s footsteps. Sabbie Dare has been keeping hens from the beginning of the Shaman Mystery Series. In the first book, In the Moors, we meet the hens in Chapter One, when something rather awful happens to some of them. Sabbie goes out early to collect the eggs…At the henhouse door I dropped my empty basket and cried out in raw distress. Slaughter lay at my feet. Saffron, the biggest of my hens, was gone, and Pettitgrain, my favourite, lay dead from a clean bite to the neck

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Monday, 4 August 2014

Time for Summer Reading

In the Moors by Nina Milton
The 1st Shaman Mystery from Midnight Ink Books
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  “A real page-turner, In the Moors cost me several hours of sleep because it was so un-put-downable! An engaging heroine, a landscape at once so real and so menacing, and an intriguing mystery had me enthralled into the wee hours!”   Mara Freeman, author of Kindling the Celtic Spirit & Grail Alchemy

Sabbie Dare is the most compelling protagonist I’ve met this year…Milton’s tale is riveting.”—Library Journal (starred review) 

Unraveled Visions by Nina Milton
The 2nd Shaman Mystery from Midnight Ink Books
£10.52p paperback with free delivery is available now for pre-order
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Story arcs that run parallel get an inquisitive
Sabbie in and out of danger in this exciting 
In the Shaman Mystery series–
Donna M Brown 

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Poet and Writer Theolyn Cortens

This week, while I'm guest blogging for the CRIME READSERS ASSOCIATION,  we have a guest blogger here on Kitchen Table Writers. Theolyn Cortens is a writer, specializing in Angel spirituality. Theolyn's books about Angels have been translated into many languages and she also writes and runs  spiritual classes by post, internet and face-to-face, which  have been enjoyed by students around the world. Theolyn's teaching organisation, SoulSchool, was founded in 2000 and her courses are based on many years of personal mystical experience, as well as scholarly research. Theolyn also writes the most exquisite poetry. She is about to bring out a full collection of her works, so I asked her to tell us something about herself;

When my parents met – and had a brief war-time relationship – it was their love of Romantic poetry that helped fuel their romance. When my father returned to Canada to be de-mobbed he sent my mother A Treasury of Great Poems edited by Louis Untermeyer
Theolyn in Pembrokeshire
– a large blue book, rather like a bible, covering the earliest poetry up to the 1940’s when it was published. I read this book of obsessively from the age of nine and often heard my mother quoting from the great poets when she was washing up:
When I was small my mother quoted from the great poets
While standing at the kitchen sink:
‘There was a sound of revelry by night’, she said,
Or ‘Oh Wild West Wind, thou breath of Autumn’s being.’
She gave me the Golden Treasury of Verse
And nurtured me on Endymion
And ‘Balder the Beautiful is dead is dead.’
So the rhythm and musicality of poetry when it is spoken aloud, seems to be in my DNA! I find it comes naturally to me and after I learned to meditate in the 70’s I began to write poems that seemed to arise in my mind effortlessly. The topics that call to me are mystical, magical and mythological – stories that deal with deep passions and human dramas.
My mother still has her copy of the Treasury, now seventy years old, battered and stuck up with gaffa tape! Thanks to Amazon I was recently able to find my own copy of the very same edition, in excellent condition. Perhaps I have written one or two gems that can contribute to the store of treasures.
To celebrate my seventieth birthday I am publishing three collections of my poetry, written over the last forty years or so. Some of the poems were previously in print as pamphlets, but I have added more poems to Flowers from the Galaxy and Bone Woman – previously published as Baba YagaJason has not been published before. If you would like to be part of the kickstart project for the poems, click on the link; where you can listen to Theolyn reading from the works.
You can also go to to read about the collections.